June 21, 2024

Covered with a very beautiful, glittering but rough ectocarp, pineapple is one of the most sought after industrial fruit across the world. Its juice is highly demanded for not only because of its sweetness, but also due to the invaluable nutritive and health benefits it possesses.

Pineapple, which is scientifically known as Ananas comosus, is native to Paraguay and Brazil –this means it is formerly an exotic fruit- and it was brought to Europe following Christopher Columbus’s return in 1493. It belongs to the family Bromeliaceae. It is a composite fruit that is made up of coalesced berries that grow at the crown of the fruiting tree.

Pineapple contains a number of vitamins and minerals which include but not limited to vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Bromelain and fibre. These are the major constituents while several minors like Anthocyanins are contained a teaspoonful of pineapple juice.

Health Benefits

  1. Anti-inflammatory: Taking pineapple juice of fruit helps in reducing inflammatory of joint and muscles especially those related with Anthritis. Bromelain is responsible for this treatment.
  2. Reduction of weight : Apart from excise, other effective treatment of obesity is by taking some selected fruits. Among them is pineapple due to its low fat content and its ability to burn fats in the body.
  3. Macular problem: During my childhood days at a village in Ondo state, I observed that old people in their sixties, seventies and more are able to conveniently read without the aid of glasses. This spurned to quickly research on it and I later found out that their penchant for fruits accounts for it. Naturally, fruits aid effective sight and pineapple is one of the best that can prevent and cure eye defects.
  4. Infusion of the peel is used to cure typhoid fever and this explained why local herbalists use it in the preparation of concoctions.
  5. Single serving of pineapple has more than 13% of daily requirement of Vitamin C. this helps in boosting the body immune system.
  6. Bromelain, a major constituent of pineapple has the ability to reduce phlegm and mucus build-up in the digestive tract. Thereby preventing digestive complication, coughs and colds.
  7. It aids mature ejaculation
  8. It aids bone and teeth strength
  9. It has the ability to counter skin rashes and other defections because of its anti-septic characteristics.

The industrial benefits of Pineapple can majorly be based on its strength and fibrous characteristics. It is used in the production of fibres and other industrial materials including clothes.

By Tiamiyu, Ismahil Abefe

Plant Biologist, UNILORIN Class of ’17

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