June 21, 2024

The industrialization agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel Administration has been interpreted by various capable hands working with the Governor, and there is no gainsaying, that the commissioners in the current state Exco are doing their best.

Looking at the Ministry of Works for instance, so many roads have been constructed by the Udom Emmanuel led government, and inspected by the Commissioner in charge, Mr.Ephraim Inyang- Eyen, which include the flood eradication site along the service lane of Edet Akpan avenue in Uyo, a project which the government says it will be used to de-flood Ewet housing estate and its environs, the 3.5 kilometer ring road project, 6.1 kilometers Atan Offot road, 19.5 Nung Oku Ikono-Etinan, the 25 kilometers Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road handled by Julius Berger, internal roads in Oron and many others.

One can see the hope and focused brought into the ministry of Housing and Special Duties by the Commissioner incharge, Mr. Akan Okon, who is interpreting the Governor’s vision in this sector, by ensuring that all measures are put in place for a fully functioned ministry.

That is why, the first thing he did after his inauguration, was his visit to the Ibom international Airport, where he embarked on inspection of major facilities at the Airport, like the security points, Apron Control office, Departure and Arrival Halls, commercial extension of Demotic building, Announcement room and Airlines offices, all aimed at seeing what the Ministry of Housing and Special Duties led by him, can do through the vision of his His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel.

In the area of housing, his professionalism is making the housing ministry work very easy. It is on record that he had visited the Government Estate in Ibiaku Ishiet, Uruan local government area, and other places,and has been working with the local communities to ensure proper work is done. Not to talk of the Ibom deep sea port project that his ministry is engaging stakeholders implementing. Mr. Akan is doing so well as a commissioner.

The Ministry of Information and strategy is another sector that the vision of this great man, a gift to the people of Akwa Ibom state Governor Udom Emmanuel has been interpreted, through the able Commissioner in charge, Mr.Charles Udoh.

Charles Udoh, an orator came into the Ministry and changed the face of the Ministry, talking to people, sensitizing, drawing up awareness campaigns for people to know what the Governor is really doing, for the benefit of the people, with proper information dissemination.

His regularly visit to television and Radio stations to tell the people of the state the truth of the government, thereby putting the record straight is highly recommendable, not to talk of his high spirit of mobilizing the grassroot people to believe and support the government, as well as PDP, the ruling party in the State.

His visit to Ibom plaza, and other social gathering to interact with the people, give gifts items, money, and other things to his people since assumption of office is one that is making the saying that truly, “he is the man that knows his onions”. With an intimidating profile, the Commissioner is doing justice to the works around the ministry.

The Ministry of Culture and tourism in Akwa Ibom State can be best described as a case of waking up the dead, because little was heard of this ministry until Hon. Victor Antai came, and boast the sector, interpreting the Governor’s vision for the boasting and exposing of our cultural heritage.

The first of his promoting the state and attracting the attention of outsiders, and admirers of the state, was the opening of the Art exhibition of Usoro Uso, where people trooped in to watch amazing arts and learnt things about the Akwa state history to Art. Dignitaries on daily basis were seen patronizing the exhibition, and visiting the exhibition ground at unity park Adoudoma avenue, Uyo, including the former Governor of the state, Obong Victor Attah, Sen.Anietie Okon, and others.

This created a sense of unity among the people, later came the Orange September event, where the town was full of excitement, with different cultural exhibition. Young people made money through selling of customized caps, T-shirts and other items that added colour to the event.

Currently ongoing in the state, is a widely publicity for the next event of the ministry to celebrate Christmas, and it is called “Ukapisua”, this particular event has drawn personalities out to join different bands to celebrate Akwa Ibom, and they have bands leaders, like Senator Bassey Albert, Sir Emem Akpabio, Hon. Eno- Obong Uwah, Hon. Eunice Thomas and others. This is real awakening of the ministry.

The event will bring people together to appreciate that Akwa Ibom State has a history, because all the bands for the street show, has historical link that makes it unique, and worth participating on. Like the bridge band tells the history of the” bridge of No Return” in Ikot Abasi, where slaves were traded, the Rolling hills band places focus on the Itu river and other matters concern, the blue river band is interpreted by the Annangs as their history, while the Plaza band is the history of the Uyo, as the plaza is a long standing place were people use to converge for celebration and other things, and still there for the purpose of history.

The Ministry of Finance, Environment, Lands, Health, Youth and Sport, Transports, Women Affairs etc are doing a great job with the Commissioners incharge, indeed, the Government of Udom Emmanuel is working. Akwa Ibom is becoming more powerful.

Rev’d Richard Peters is an Independent writer who writes in from Eket.
contact him on 08080602197

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