July 19, 2024

Osun 2018 Gubernatorial aspirant under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Mr. ‘Tunde Adedotun Taiwo has commended the the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in the state and promised to ensure continuity if given the mandate to serve the people of the state.

Mr. Taiwo said this during an exclusive interview with Insight Media in Osogbo on Friday.

The Apomu-indigent described Aregbesola as his leader and mentor who has good will to serve people of this state diligently.

He said “The problem in this country has been continuity in the government. Foreign investors are afraid of lack of continuity and inconsistency in the government. If I am given the opportunity to succeed Aregbesola, I will ensure continuity in every sectors that he has touched and also bring new innovations to strengthen all the areas of human endeavors in the state.”

“Many consider Nigeria as a virgin land for serious and ready-minded investors, most especially in the area of agriculture. We have land mass that has not been explored because people are not encouraged to settle there. We will make life comfortable for the farm settlers across the state.” He added.

While responding to questions on the recent outbursts by some APC members in the state who are protesting the alleged ‘impositions of candidates in Local Government Primaries of APC, the business magnate said “Some people around the governors are the ones causing the problem. The go about delivering messages the governor never sent them. And because the affected ones never have access to the governor, the become victims and resort to protest and public outburst. The matter is resolved now.


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