June 16, 2024

Glittering greetings to the reasonable Nigerians who have the best reasoning faculty to reason beyond a one corner. This particular write up is never meant to discredit another person’s creative sense. In fact, I love creativity and new exploration.

But, let us be frank with ourselves here, what is the meaning of one corner? What message has this music brought to Nigerian youths and teenagers than immorality. What flavour has one corner added to human mentality than madness.

Frankly, I’m always disappointed anytime I see the adults and the teenagers banging on object, wall or themselves all in the name of one corner. Some would go extra mile to prostrate on the ground and start banging like a man suffering from weed infection.

When will Nigerians start to reason like a literate and stop embracing useless lyrics. Awilo scene that addressed the listeners as monkeys had come to pass. Another lyrics addressed the listeners as Danfo Drivers while one had once called for “Danger…wahala dey”. another artist told the listeners that: “efe joku- dancing to death’s point”. All these sets of lyrics are not still funny and senseless like one corner with the dancing method applied to it.

I have watched countless numbers of our primary school pupils facing one another and start banging all in the name of one corner dance that litters the four cardinal points of our country. How can we have a better Nigeria when the agents of moral depravities are getting hiker day by day with different styles. This great nation is wearing a pitiable look in the hands of the bad leaders and now it is getting worse with our so called entertainers. Entertainment industry that is being charged with the responsibility of preaching morals with comical contents now takes a lead role in preaching moral decadency and depravity.

I’m still wondering how a music like one corner gained ground in Nigeria without being sanctioned or banned by the appropriate body that seek into the affairs of lewd and salacious contents in Nigeria. Who are those to sanction the immoral music and videos? They are bunch of immoral preachers and corrupt regulatory body. Give them money and your nonsense is allowed to go viral. Anything goes in Nigeria with the help of bribery.

Unarguably, it is obvious that our societal norms and values is facing dilapidation in all ramifications ranging from political parlance to educational institutions, economic arena to movie and entertainment industries. What is now left from what is right when we are all turning to agents of madness all in the name of fun and entertainment.

I want another artist to introduce one corner slap as well since our sense organs is low under musical beats. Let us start to slap ourselves at one corner as soon as possible maybe we can reason along and reshape our mental illness in order to be reasonable Nigerians.
I submit!

Written by a Concerned Nigerian

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