June 20, 2024

Who is a pastor if not a middleman between God and ordinary people? Pastors should provide counsel and advice to people. Pastor derives from Latin and can be translated as a shepherd. Still, the biblical understanding of the word pastor can be translated as the minister. Therefore, “the ministers” lead their followers to the world of Christianity.



Some pastors might earn money on the way of the eternal serving to God. It means that they become the most richest pastors in the world. Nevertheless, this article is focused on the question of “Who is the richest Pastor in Nigeria?”. To give an answer to this question, it should be presented the Top Ten Richest Pastors in Nigeria.


Lazarus Muoka – $3 million



The Top Ten Richest Pastors in Nigeria open with famously known Lazarus Muoka. He is a Nigerian author, minister, and pastor. Lazarus Muoka is a leader of The Lord`s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.


Lazarus Muoka was born in Mgbidi in Imo state. He was raised in a Catholic family. In Imo State he finished his primary and secondary education. In 1975 he decided to settle down in Lagos and started to work under one company. After that, he opened his own business. Nevertheless, he decided that he should dedicate his life to serving to God.


Lazarus Muoka claims that he started to have dreams about God since 1994. In this years he started his crusade as a priest. Shortly after acquiring the role of the priest – he creates The Lord`s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement. Few pioneer members were enough to create one of the most recognizable churches and make Lazarus Muoka one of the richest pastors in Nigeria.


One of the richest pastors can come to this list without controversy about his miracles. Lazarus Muoka denies every accusation about him, but there are cases in the court that provide some evidence of his “miracles”.


Bishop Mike Okonkwo – $3 million



Bishop Mike Okonkwo is a former banker and the founder of The Redeemed Evangelic Mission. Some people might say that serving to God can give you wings and a nimbus. Mike Okonkwo did not get a halo, but he earned a private jet!


Bishop Mike Okonkwo was born in Ognbunke in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State in 1945. His primary education started with Salvation Army Primary School Enugu. Unless, later he continued his education in Ijero Baptist Primary School on Ebute Metta, Lagos. His secondary education started with Mayflower college; he also finished Merchants of Light Grammar school in 1963.


His work life started with the Nigerian Ports Authority in 1964. However, he did not wish to continue this path and switched the career for the African Continental Bank for two years. Dr. Bishop Mike Okonkwo has a military training which he got during the Nigerian Civil War. Jesus came to him in November 1970. Therefore, Bishop Mike Okonkwo started his ministry in 1972 with the United Church of Christ. He served in the United Church of Christ up until 1980, where he created The Redeemed Evangelical Mission. TREM is one of the most popular churches in Nigeria which is attended by thousands of people and makes Bishop Mike Okonkwo one of the Top Ten Richest Pastors in Nigeria.


Pastor Gbenga Oso – $3.5 million



One of the pastors who makes his money on babies. Unfortunately, there are couples in Nigeria who do have health problems in conceiving babies. The modern medicine is developed well for today, but it still can`t create miracles. It made a fantastic niche for Pastor Gbengo Oso to fill in. Now his Laughter Foundation Church helps couples to conceive a baby. Pastor Gbenga Oso is allegedly known in Nigeria as a father for a million babies. Apparently, these babies help him to make a ton of money.


It`s a little known about his biography and even about his true age. He was one of the pastors for the Gospel Faith Mission International until he started his Laughter Foundation Church. One of the crucial moments of his church is an

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