June 21, 2024

Students of Dental Surgery Technician has expressed their displeasure on the incessant increase of the the Student Licence Renewal fee.

This was made known in an open letter written by Comr. Tolulope Akobi, Spokesman of the DST Liberation Team to the Dental Therapy Registration Board on Friday, 19th of January 2018.

Com. Akobi assert that many concerned students were unable to renew their licence due to the increment in the fee to #10,000 naira.

He said “As we all kneow, non availability of this huge amount has been the main thing causing havoc for the renewal of licence. Many students are discouraged in the process, because they believe that they cannot afford to pay the such huge amount. Majority of the students doing the board examination annually are still jobless. Some are still roaming the street without being able to get the fee. The examination have been done by large number of students but they are unable take another step in obtaining the licence because the fee are too exorbitant for the completion the process.”

“As a result of this, incompetent people that refer to themselves as dental technician have illegally used this opportunity to obtained the licence, while the students that are fully trained for this career remain helpless”

“We understand that the board also have their reason for the increment.
In the same vein, the board also need to understand the economic situation and scarcity of money that made everyone to be restive in every nooks and cranny.”

“To this reason, we are using this medium to appeal to the Registrar and the entire dental Therapy Registration Board of Nigeria to show some mercy and oblige in considering the students and senior colleagues that are in line of the career and study considering the present economic situation of the country.

“The students and senior liberation team of DST representatives are also appealing to the registrar, the management committee and the entire board to reason with us and show some favour by reducing the price to affordable rate. We count this as a favour and opportunity, if it is granted in order to urge other people that dreaming and aiming to acquire the same licence in the nearest future. We plead to the board to help secure our future”

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