June 21, 2024

Segun Otunba

Gloria Ekong an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, a fiery historian, political activist and an online presenter of DIARY OF A LEGISLATURE, a weekly program aimed at enlightening the masses on the activities of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly opined that the APC led federal government has been hijacked.

Read what she posted on her Facebook page today 2nd January 2018.

“President Buhari’s government has been hijacked.

As far as it is the same system that brought him into government ,he is a product of this fail system. In Russia during the reign of Nicholas 1, who till today will be remembered in history as the worst Emperor,the Russia system as at that time produced,a reactionary who against the wishes of the people ,not minding the ” Decembrist revolt ” against him ,brought both bad local and foreign policy that nearly buried Russia into the system.

When that system was overthrown, everything that came with system was overthrown. So I am not blaming the President, who I know is no longer in control of his government, but the system that is in charge.

When Jonathan’s government was hijacked, I knew it will fail and it became unpopular, that is why i voted against that system, because I could not imagine that a country like Nigeria,with unemployment, various degrees of uncertainties, could make sure budget plans and estimate for defense, funding the Arsenal of the country with such funds,when the home defense was neglected.

The same unpopularity of the system and hijacked has occurred in this system,and this system has become unpopular. Who is thinking for this government? Is very clear that the status quo in governance has remain and infact worst,with so much confusion and anxiety, tension all over the place.

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Gloria Ekong, I voted for President Buhari as a candidate, because I was no longer comfortable with some policies of Jonathan’s government, and i had wished that things will change for the better,but right here and now,I am saying that no change is here. This is bad for democracy.

Imagine some party faithfuls,who are fasting ,praying that their names should find favour before the System, waking up to read that why they are alive fighting ,talking for the party, dead peoples name were published for appointment. I mean I can’t just imagine the feelings.

Are all these drama’s not too much ?
Can’t the government for once start taking responsibility for governance?
I rarely criticise the system, so for me to say that things are getting out of hand, I don’t think am being subjective.”

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