June 21, 2024

Barrister Kunle Rasheed Adegoke, an APC gubernatorial aspirant in Osun state has assured the people of Osun that qualitative education that meets global standard will be effected in the state.

K-Rad as popularly called, made this known today when speaking with our correspondent in his hometown, Osogbo shortly after a meeting with some stakeholders in the state.

He asserted that the level of our education best dictates the highest level of development we can attain. He pointed that Osun been ranked among the lowest in the last WAEC assessment report even behind Borno State where the ravages of Boko Haram horrors, have not left the psyche of the people of the state.

Bar. Adegoke said, “The implication is that we are in serious crisis with respect to the educational performance of our youths. Our government intends to guarantee re-introduction and enforcement of discipline in our public schools as culture of truancy, indiscipline, thuggery and brigandage has taken over the consciousness of our youth thereby rendering the government’s investment in education a waste. It is imperative to encourage discipline in our schools to compel our youths to sit down and learn”

“We will ensure implementation of free, qualitative and compulsory education at the primary and secondary school levels with modern teaching facilities leveraging on current achievements by the present administration, and also we shall provide improved welfare for teachers to rank on the same level with other professionals to sustain interest in and passion for the teaching profession. The training and re-training of our teachers for greater impact on students as no mileage can be achieved educationally with disoriented teachers and since the quality of education obtainable is dependent on the quality of teacher.”

The renowned legal practitioner further assert that, “We shall create a friendly and conducive learning environment, introduce higher education loan scheme to be administered by partner banks. This means qualified indigent students do not have to pay tuition while studying and can start paying back after they are gainfully employed. We will also provide research grants to our universities for scientific development and encourage invention by our engineering and science departments. We will further ensure that universities deliver the best possible value for money to students and society”

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