June 16, 2024

Digprom.com has launched an intriguing music and content promotion platform which will revolutionalize music promotion on the internet.

Through this platform, artist can create an account and upload their music to the platform, select the type of blog and audience they want their music to be shared with.

Artist can also choose locations which include institutions (campuses) they want their music to be directed to.

The unique feature of selecting 3 KEYWORDS, that is mostly related to their song and their brand makes each track and artist unique when songs are being queried on the internet.

Below is the concept of Digprom.

*How Digprom Works*

1: Create an account then upload your audio files, artwork, song details, keywords and select target audience and location.

2: Complete the upload process by choosing a plan and then proceed to make payment using our secured online payment system.


3: We automatically delivers your tracks to blogs and websites that matches your type of audience


4: Monitor your tracks performance by navigating to your dashboard. You get to see your downloads/streams, specific URL of blogs where your tracks sits.

Visit digprom.com/artist/register.php Now to begin.

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