June 19, 2024

South Africa President, Jacob Zuma has revealed that he is not wanted again as the President of the country and there is a need for him to resign.

Zuma, who has been the President of one of the largest economy in Africa stated this in a live broadcast where he announced his resignation.

He said, “I have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect,” said Zuma, who added that he made the decision even though he disagreed with the ruling party’s demand that he quit.

75 year-old Zuma, had said he was willing to resign but wanted to stay in office for several more months.

“Of course, I must accept that if my party and my compatriots wish that I be removed from office, they must exercise that right and do so in the manner prescribed by the constitution,” Zuma said.

The former president was defiant in a television interview earlier Wednesday, saying he had done nothing wrong.

“I’m being victimized here,” Zuma told state broadcaster SABC. He complained that Ramaphosa and other ANC leaders had not given him clear reasons about why he should go.

“I need to be furnished on what I’ve done,” Zuma said in the interview.

His departure has set the stage for ruling party lawmakers to elect acting President Cyril Ramaphosa, previously deputy president, as Zuma’s successor.

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