July 18, 2024

A group of Osun youths under the aegis of The Revivalists, has reacted to the clamour by a group from the Osun West Senatorial District, the Coalition of Concern Progressive Youths (CPY) which agitates that the zone must produce Governor Aregbesola’s successor by all means.

In a rejoinder release signed by the state coordinator of the group, Comrade Warith Oladimeji and made available to the press in Osogbo, the youth group frowned at the stance of Coalition of Concern Progressive Youths (CPY), describing the position of those clamoring for zonal arrangement as a blackmail. According to the group, the current reality in Osun requires the emergence of the best man or woman as governor of the state, irrespective of where the person comes from.

“The current state of the State demands that the next man or woman to occupy the governor’s seat is he or she who possesses the requisite competence, character, intellectual balance, fiscal integrity, developmental passion and a sound roadmap to manage both human and natural resources in the state, no matter which corner of the state he or she may come from, instead of the current fire and fury about sectional entitlement.”

The group emphatically advised that “the West Senatorial District of the APC should rather focus on its demand by way of persuasion and democratic consultation and not to go about it as a right, as no single zone of the State can solely make one of its own a governor without the support and cooperation of the other zones.”

The Revivalists further cautioned that “the Osun West agitators should desist from blackmailing the Governor and the leadership of the APC because, the district’s performance in the recently held West Senatorial election is still very fresh in our memory.”

“As power seekers in a democracy, the West agitators are expected to be democratic in their pursuit of power, by calling for democratic selection by a way of primaries, instead of asking for the ticket to be given to them while other interested committed party members’ aspirations are ordered to be rested. That cannot be democracy.

“The CPY should stop its subtle threat that heaven will fall if a ‘Westerner’ is not ‘given’ the party’s governorship ticket. It should stop its indirect promise that a repeat of the West Senatorial election outcome will occur.

“Let those who are interested aspire and subject themselves to credible primaries devoid of manipulation and let the best candidate emerge as clannish and sectional agitation has no place in 21st century Osun,” the group advised.

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