June 23, 2024

Members of National Association of Dental Surgery Technicians have written the Corporate Affairs Commission accusing their embattled President, Mr. Afun and asked the commission to halt the registration process.

The members under the aegis of Concerned Dental Surgery Practitioners accused Afun of imposing himself over the association and thus rush to register.

Read their letter here


Dear Sir / ma


With warmest regards, the entire members of National Dental Association hereby wish to notify your Commission that Mr. Afun is not the National President of the association.

His appointment as the President was arrived at through imposition and all members of the association have expressed their dissatisfaction over it.

The Registrar sir, we will like your commission to make a deep investigation about this gross allegation of unconstitutional activities before proceeding with the registration Sir.

Even your commission can ask Mr. Afun to provide the evidence of being elected and those members that voted for him as the national president of National Association Dental Surgery Technicians.

The response will make you understand that Mr. Afun and his team are impostors. He is not the eligible person to register the association.

Very soon the authentic National Executives will emerge through a legal means and they will be responsible to register the Association under the canopy of Corporate Affairs Commission.

We seek your indulgence on this issue to exonerate your commission from being used by cheap impostors for registration of an association that was formally deprived their appointment as an executives.

Yours faithfully

DST Practitioners

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