May 22, 2024

As the day draws closer, more and more people have continued to declare support to the aspiration of Barr. Otobong Bob, as he is warming up to represent Nsit Ubium people at the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly in 2019. The latest wise decision is that of Engr. Don Bassey, another aspirant who had already declared his intention to vie for the position. Such move by Engr. Bassey, to say the least, is an expression of strength, maturity, honesty and wisdom.

Having realized the truth, it takes a man of integrity to take the bold step to stand down, and throw his weight on another aspirant, who is undisputed to be the popular candidate. Whatever interpretation one might attempt to give to this bold step by Engr. Bassey, it is nothing but a lesson all other contenders should learn.

A popular African proverb opines that a tree that wants to live should stand near a kola tree. Kola trees are invaluable trees, respected and valued by the elders. They are not easily cut off. In fact if one makes a mistake to cut down kola tree, the wrath of the elders would be unleashed without delay upon such an ‘unafrican” and careless person. I said this to say contextually that Barr. Otobong Bob is symbolically a kolanut tree, valued and respected by both young and old; great and small. He is seen as an asset, a symbol of peace and an agent of development. The past weeks have witnessed unprecedented supports and endorsement from stakeholders across the length and breadth of the political circle: A support for truth, progress, development, innovation, massive empowerment and effective representation.

This is a lesson to all other aspirants. It is glaringly clear that Barr. Bob still remains the preferred candidate as far as the race to Nsit Ubium State Constituency is concerned. However, popular candidates still have oppositions, this cannot be ruled out. In fact, it makes the game interesting. But wisdom demands that whoever the cap fits should be allowed to wear. There is no point to engage in blind arguments and unnecessary exertion of political energy. A wise man sees tomorrow and takes precautionary measures that will favour him then. But someone who is far from being wise sees tomorrow, and ignore the signals that would guarantee a smooth ride in the days to come. It takes political literacy to be able to emulate certain actions that are common among politicians in developed climes.

Again, the massive support given to Barr. Otobong Bob is a sign that divinity is involved, and has vindicated my earlier assertion that divinity had already dignified Barr. Otobong Bob for the position. I say this to say that no one fights God and succeeds. It is effort in futility. Such wasted energy and resources could be channelled into something productive and rewarding.

That being said, one doesn’t need a prophet to convince him that Barr. Otobong Bob is anointed for the job. Although others are beginning to wonder about this unusual support and enlargement of Barr. Bob’s political coast. They shouldn’t have expected less, because God is a God of wonder. He made David who was counted the least in the house of Jesse to be the king. He fetched for Gideon, whose tribe(Benjamin) was considered very insignificant and the least, to spearhead the task of delivering Israel from their enemies. Like David and Gideon, people have continued to see Barr. Bob as the youngest among all the aspirants, and by extension the least. But God clearly stated that He doesn’t look at the outward appearance, but the heart. God doesn’t choose a man because of age, height, family background, social status, etc. Rather he chooses capacity, passion and burning desire for service. Barr. Bob’s intention to contest is far beyond vying for a position. He is vying for a larger platform for service. He is vying for a platform for empowerment and effective representation. This is the essentiality of human existence, and what God looks for in a man He wants to use. This explains why more and more people have come to realize the need to go for Barr. Bob.

If you need my candid advice, borrow a leaf from political stakeholders in Nsit Ubium, borrow a leaf from Engr. Bassey, learn from Nsit Ubium youths, women groups and other concerned organisations. It is not too late to join the winning team. The door is wide open, join us and be counted among the wise, whose focus is the liberation and empowerment of Nsit Ubium people. Remember, a vote for Barr. Otobong Bob, is a vote for effective representation and democracy. What are you waiting for? Join us!


George Joe writes from NSIT UBIUM

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