May 23, 2024

His ideas are wonderful and feasible; and I make bold to say that those ideas are the true representation of what a human society should be. His words are steady, brilliant and radiates truthfulness. The consistency that characterize his message at every fora bears testimony to his sagacity and stability of mind. Only ideas not created out of spontaneous reaction and the need for making mere beautiful impressions, can flow with such consistency. When he speaks I see a man with vision for a vibrant, prosperous, diverse society that is run by individuals who are committed to building a sustainable future for generations to come.

He promotes a culture that is anchored on sound human relations, good governance and social responsibility in accordance with global economic trends and best practices. He is Chief DUMO LULU-BRIGGS.

And thus says the Chief to the good people of Rivers State:

“We all know that Lagos State has moved on, but Rivers State that was created the same year with Lagos is yet to find her feet in today’s wave of economic and industrial advancement. Sadly we are stuck in base parochial sentiments and political superficiality. The unchecked drive for personal gains and political relevance has overtime distracted major players from the main purpose of governance.

As progressives, our singular assignment therefore, is to change the history of Rivers State for the better. We must reflect on the days of the Great Spiff; we must remember the days of Amaechi when Rivers State became a construction site, when power was effectively devolved and governance was made a responsibility from all. Chibuike Amaechi assembled great men and women of seasoned wisdom and distinct professional knowledge under the Economic Advisory Council to proffer the best solutions for tackling Economic problems. His Excellency the former Governor of Rivers State, Chief Rotimi Amaechi wanted these great men and women to have a holistic look at the economy from the micro to the macro level. They touched on all the sectors and made powerful and feasible recommendations that translated into huge positive economic turn around, infrastructural development and improved human relations in the state.

Our task today is to return the glory of Rivers State; and we have to mobilize the Rivers spirit behind this agenda. The time has come when people will learn to control their appetites and subdue their passion. Take note that there’s God’s hand in what we are doing today, and we must remain true to that. We must know that this is a fight for the soul of Rivers State; we must win it for all Rivers people. The opportunities must be spread; but as we begin to talk about that Rivers dream of opportunity for everybody, we must also remember the Rivers value of responsibility from everybody. That is the only way we could hope to have a state that our forebears prayed and fought for. The sentiments that define and bind the fabrics of our state must always be remembered as we carry on to forge a government that gives credence to the labors of our fathers.

Growing up, I saw that my father had good friends in all the ethnic groups that make up our dear state. They played different kinds of politics in different political parties but they never failed to sit down to discuss the Rivers issues together. We are at that point in our State when we need to address our divisions by bringing down those things that separate us. We have to know that our commonalities are more than those little things that divide us. Building a better Rivers State is everyone’s responsibility, and we must all rise to the occasion.” He says.

God bless Rivers State and God bless Nigeria

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