May 23, 2024

Youths in Kwara State have resolved to form an alliance that will strengthen their inclusion in governance and policy making.

The new group called Kwara Young Voters Alliance (KYVA), will base its actions on emancipation of young individuals in Kwara State and strive towards their inclusion in governance.

The statement by the Secretary-general of the alliance, Comrade Ojibara Isiah Toyin also confirmed non-alliance of the group with any religion, political leader or party.

It reads, “In a bid to get decision makers and political stakeholders to take young people more seriously and engage us in deciding critical issues that concern our welfare, we, the politically active and influential group of young people in Kwara State, have come together under the umbrella of Kwara Young Voters Alliance (KYVA). Our objective is to build a large army of young voters who use their voting power to influence electoral outcome that will promote the interest of youths and other young people.

Kwara Young Voters Alliance is not aligned with any group, political party or politician. Our group is any group that fosters youth interest, our political party is any party that guarantees youth inclusion in governance; and a politician that exhibits abiding commitment to youth welfare and interest is the only one who will earn our support. As young people therefore, we would together think through the choices thrown at us by political parties and candidates and jointly vote for options that advance our collective interest as youths.

In the weeks and months ahead, KYVA will work to bring registered young voters (18- 35) together, enlighten them about the voting process and encourage them to take a collective voting decision that is capable of delivering bulk votes to any candidates or political parties whose agenda promotes youth interest and political inclusion.

The mission of KYVA is to build a platform for politically aware young people who see a connection between their voting power and the attainment of their life’s goals. Our aims and objectives include;

1. Build a movement of politically aware young people who jointly review political situations and take collective decision

2. Organize and deliver bulk votes to individuals and candidates that promote youth interests

3. Build a nonpartisan enlightenment forum for young voters

4. Campaign against making rash and unjustifiable voting decision by young people

5. Encourage more young people to vote in a wise and rational manner

6. Build a community of young people loyal to their own interests rather than the interest of politicians or political godfather

7. Undertake political education and awareness that would kindle the political interest of young people and make them more involved in the political process

8. Build an impressive and sustainable data of young voters who can use the power of numbers to influence electoral outcomes that support their growth.

While our members would be free to hold independent political opinions, membership of KYVA will strictly be determined by shared interest in the political advancement of Kwara youths. In the days to come, we will unveil our full agenda to the public. In the meantime, we invite the general public, especially the youth demography, to support and join this new alliance in order to foster a new direction for youth participation in the politics of our dear State of harmony.”

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