April 14, 2024

The National President of Yoruba Youth Council (YYC), worldwide, Eric Oluwole has alerted the public over the fraudulent activities of a group of people using another fashion of the council’s name to perpetrate evils.

The ‘fake’ group called Yoruba Council of Youths according to the President have been going around to present themselves as YYC and in other words they might have been asking for money and other valuables from people.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, Oluwole condemned the activities of the ‘unscrupulous elements’ whose aim are to corruptly enrich themselves adding that they intentionally coined the name to misrepresent the YYC.

He said “The attention of Yoruba Youth Council National Body has been drawn to the activities of some unscrupulous persons who call themselves Yoruba Council of Youths, who have been presenting themselves as YYC to curry favour from individuals and corporate companies.

“From all indications, it can be concluded that the sole motive of the group is to corruptly enrich themselves as it has no structure or office anywhere in the world,” Oluwole continued.

“Unlike the YYC that is popularly recognized by the land, has offices and executive cabinet in all states and local governments of Yoruba land.

“We use this medium to strongly dissociate ourselves from the activities of these corrupt individuals as they are not representing the interest of Yoruba youths worldwide. It also opposes our ideology to be moving around seeking funds or other valuables as this group is doing.

“We hereby alert the public to beware of this fraudulent group as the original gathering of all Yoruba youths worldwide remains Yoruba Youth Council (YYC) and not Yoruba Council of Youths”.

Oluwole concluded by warning the group to stop parading itself as YYC or face the wrath of the land.

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