April 15, 2024

By Remi Onifade.

Moshood Adeoti, 65, Lasun Yusuff 57, Najeem Salam 54, Benedict Alabi 52, Gboyega Oyetola 63, Adelere Oriolowo 58, Kunle Adegoke 48.

The above-named people are the ones that can be classified as serious contenders in the race to succeed our dear Governor Rauf Aregbesola in the upcoming September 22nd gubernatorial election under the platform of All Progressives Congress. Though, Kunle Rasheed Adegoke aka K-RAD is the only aspirant that has shown adequate interest and zeal to indeed take over from Aregbesola, others, excluding Lasun Yusuff, are just coming out reluctantly from their shells for reasons best known to them.

However, perusing their profiles, it is discovered that all of them have the constitutional right to vie for the governorship position in our dear State but for K-RAD, others lack moral right and justification to run for the exalted office.

In this generation when people in their thirties are leading the countries of the World, when youths are being given chances to run things throughout the World, when youths are clamouring for chances to display and exhibit all the knowledge they have acquired as leaders of tomorrow on the field, it is only right and just to allow a youth, who has distinguished himself as an upright, honest, humble, humane and a successful administrator in his chosen career to lead us in the State of Osun as from November, 2018.

Kunle Rasheed Adegoke 48, is the youngest among the contestants and perhaps, the most serious among them all. He has transversed the length & breadth, the nooks and crannies of the State with his robust and implementable agenda, he doesn’t wait for the endorsement of the power-that-be, because he believes that the sovereignty to get the authority to lead lies with the people and not an individual.

As a major stakeholder in Osun project, he comes for rescue mission for the youth class, he has presented his robust agenda and implementable manifestoes to the World. He has come out clearly, unlike others, with a blueprint and explicit road map to socially, politically and economically take Osun to the next level.

The youths, our mothers, our fathers must wake up and join him in this class struggle because Kunle Adegoke is out there to liberate the people whose collective has been rendered oppressed and less privileged, take care of the oldies, breathe life into the dreams of the young people to flourish.

As a young man of 48, he understands the predicaments of the people in his class and generation. He knows their plights. He knows our challenges. He understands what has been hindering us and how to remove those stumbling blocks for us to achieve our dreams, for our dreams to flourish and give us a better opportunity to contribute immensely to the growth of the society.

If anyone above 50 becomes Governor in the State of Osun, it is an agenda of the elite to deprive us our chances and opportunities to lead as leaders of tomorrow which is now, now and today. Governor Aregbesola himself has it as a policy that no man above fifty would make his cabinet member among the Commissioners and Special Advisers because of his belief and love for fresh, progressive ideas and contributions from the youth class.

Some selfish political elite and old politicians have the intention to continue to impoverish us as vibrant youths and put us in a state of redundancy in the next 8 years when we will also be in our fifties and remain useless after we had used our prime age to support them, work for them to pave way for the law called not-to-young-to-run that will only be useful for their children since they have money to really run.

But Kunle Adegoke has put himself up as a young man to help us, to liberate us and indeed give us chances and opportunities not hopeless hope but hopeful hope to fulfil our lofty dreams and intentions in life. Hence, we must all wake up as youths across the party lines, student movements, political groups, mosque youths, church youths, artisans, civil societies, human right groups, our mothers, our fathers who want us to be great in life to support the ambition of this young man, Kunle Adegoke, for the uplifts of the State because our tomorrow is now.


Remi Onifade is an active member of the APC in Gbongan, State of Osun.

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