April 17, 2024

Liverpool forward, Mohammed Salah has shown his generosity and affection towards the poor and needy again as he took up the medical bill of a young Egyptian suffering from cancer.

The Liverpool echo reports the beneficiary as Abdelrahman Mahmoud and he is from Egyptian city of Tanta.

Mahmoud, who idolized Salah was diagnosed to be in need of bone marrow transplant.

The child’s father has revealed that it is his son’s dream to meet his idol, and that once Salah found out about that he stepped in to help the family pay for his treatment.

“We’ve reached someone who lives in a town close to the player’s village and then managed to talk to the player’s father who told him about my son’s case,” Abdelrahman’s father told DMC Sport channel.

“He contacted us and talked to Abdelrahman on the phone since he is not in Egypt now and told him that he will be visiting him once he’s back.

“Salah is in regular contact with Abdelrahman, his support had a positive effect on the child’s health.”

Salah has been known for his kindness and among his past deeds are 30,000 euros donation to Veteran football association in Egypt and his refusal to take a mansion offered him by an Egyptian billionaire saying the building should be sold and the proceeds should be used for the poor one in his village.

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