July 19, 2024

Former Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has in Friday held a lengthy press conference at his new team, Los Angeles Football Club and his speeches were loaded with insightful quotes.

Here is the highlights of his address :

‘The lion is hungry’ – the wisdom of Zlatan

“[The move] was supposed to happen before Manchester United. My head was here. I wanted to come here,”

“Things go like they are not supposed to go, but the destiny said I will come here,” he said. “Los Angles called and I answered.”

“I feel young. I feel like Benjamin Button – I was born old and will die young.”

“I came to England and they all said I was old. I came in a wheelchair and after three months I conquered England and they said I was flying.”

“The lion is hungry.”

“If I don’t win I feel failure. This move will not change anything. I have come here to win and I am pretty sure I will win.”

“I want to smell the grass and touch the ball. Today I finished training and just wanted to shoot some balls.”

“I am not arrogant, I am confident.”
“I have more goals than players have games. I think I know what I am doing.

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