July 19, 2024

A PDP governorship aspirant in Osun State, Prof Adeolu Durotoye has urged Christians to shun political apathy and get involved in politics, while declaring open the 11th annual synod of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Osogbo on friday, 13th April, 2018.

He called on christian leaders to desist from demonising politics but rather should encourage their congregation to be politically active by registering with a political party at the ward level and more importantly collecting their voters card.

Citing the book of acts chapter 12 where King Herod after killing James without any resistance from the early church proceeded to apprehend Peter, But for the intercessory prayers of the church, Peter would also have been killed.

According to the professor of political science, the church can not complain about what they tolerate adding that, encouraging christians not to vote during elections and partake in politics is tantamount to tolerating bad leadership.

The Bishop of Osogbo diocese of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Rt. Rev. Amos Kayode Ogunrinde JP also enjoined christians to collect their voters card and vote in the next election if they want a good leadership to be enthroned.

The Bishop also mentioned that another opportunity has come for the people of Osun State to choose a leader, who will lead them and as well determine their fate as a people for the next four years. He noted that it is high time people shun money politics.

“Don’t sell your vote, but ensure you vote wisely for people of your choice” he stated in his speech.

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