July 25, 2024

Success is a monumental part of human’s existence. In fact, some people are still very much alive because they have hope that they will succeed and they are threading the path to success. However, attaining success is one thing, threading the path to attain it is another, as there are many things that defines success. Talking about things that defines success, I will like to center all the relevant examples in this piece around my Alma Mata; The better by far University. However, the concept is general.

We are all in school for a sole aim: “Our Certificate!” Even though to get that certificate, we study different courses, take different exams and meet different set of people in our various classes, but one thing links us all together – The University Community. Now, I’ll gladly tell you that The Certificate is useful and apparently, not so useful as we all know what the country speaks. But to get above that, what do we need? Anyone to answer that question? No one? OK! let us continue. Looking at it from my own point of view, those who have a high probability of making it immediately after school are those we all see struggling with the little entrepreneurial skills they have; The Graphics designer, the bloggers, the marketers, the generally known entrepreneurs who sells all sort of student friendly items et all. But are they going to do that with their certificates? The answer is “no!”

Now, let us take a quick diversion:
Do you know one of the things we frown at as Nigerians is when we have people with qualified Degrees, M.A and all sort of academic achievements toiling to get a job and somewhere around the corner, one undeserving person uses a connection or link and gets it on a platter of gold? We then say that they are using links/connections because they have it and of course, using it in an unjust way. But, I’m going to tell you that “Connections/links are good things and good ways of making it to the top very quick. If you have them, use them to your advantages and to the advantages of those around you.” However, your type of connection determines you being just or unjust. For example, it is not a bad thing for a holder of a Masters Degree to use connection or link to get a job, he has the qualifications, he only need to know the right people and press the proper button.

Now let us go back to our main discussion, and of course, the big secret. Do you know that apart from the Certificate we will be presented with at the end of our stay in the better by far University, there’s another thing the University offers that is of great benefit to students but it is hidden and only known to those who have discovered the secret?
The University presents us a certificate following it with the words that: “You’ve been found worthy in Character and Learning”, but, little did we know that for the Past 4/5/6 years we have been in the University system, the system has also offered us “Links/Connections” but we failed to realize them. Let’s take the analysis:

You as a Class Representative, you know the members of your class by their names and maybe you even know their matric numbers, but do you know all the person they know as an individual? No, you don’t! Now, tell me, what’s your relationship towards them, which kind of attitude do you give them? How do you treat them? Do you feel like a lecturer because you’ve been told to take a simple attendance and you shout on them anyhow not minding what they might become later on or the kind of people they have that might help your situation if only you are good towards them? Are you trustworthy, capable, reliable and efficient enough that in the next 3-4 years, when they need someone with your impeccable characteristics, a member of your class you might not even remember 3-4 years down the lane will just link you up for recommendations? Have you ever thought about that? I’m not saying you should pretend to be good in order to get something in return, no. But remember that a good turn deserves another.

Are you an Executive of any Association, Department, Faculty, S.U or even Senators and Honourables? How well do you handle the public trust in your care. How well do you serve the populace with all you have. Do you only sit in your offices without looking into the situations of your fellow students whom you are made a leader on. When last have you taken your time to ask them the things they are going through instead of pasting *”TAMEDO CARES”* all around Social Media and defacing trees. Do you talk to anyone who approaches you in a mild way like you are the President of Nigeria? Do you always raise your shoulders high feeling that you are above them? It will be good to bring to your notice that *it doesn’t end in the four walls of this University.* Life continues outside. What you do inside those walls, defines you outside it. Fellow Students will hail and praise you: Oga Mi Sir! Fellow Politicians will say: Powerful O! But when you turn your backs, their words will be: “That guy is too Proud, ama je legba”. To all the politicians holding cane around in school, threatening a fellow student like them, it will be good to tell you that: *”It doesn’t end in the four walls of this University “* The table you are shaking might have your future ambition on it.

To fellow Students, how do we react to issues on campus and how well do we relate with people? These things and many more matters. The one you shunned at the park because he/she was not good looking enough that day you were with your Classy friends might turn out to be the one you need tomorrow. You would not like to apply for a job one day and the interviewer turns out to be the one you have once exchanged hot words which you left unsettled with at The Motion ground, skyway, walkway and lecture halls. How you relate with people day in day out tells a lot about you. If the University certifies you to be worthy in character and that character is wanting, it is a total flop.

If you are an Entrepreneur who does not put her customer first or does not pick her words carefully, your student-customers will take note of every single thing you are doing, the ones with a good heart will tell you, but others won’t. And when the time comes, no recommendation will come from them. If any student has ever approached you for help and instead of you to leave them with good words cos you cannot help, you ended up hurling unbearable words at them. REMEMBER! It doesn’t end it the four walls of this University. Your relationship with everybody matters. Don’t give a _”I don’t give a damn attitude”._ Well, unless your future is certain though, you can put up the attitude. But remember: even a flying bird can have her wings clipped by a catapulted stone!

Now, I’ve given us the secret the University gives to us all: “Connections/Links”. The way you behave towards people you know, people you may know, and those who knows the one who knows you, goes a long way in earning you your connection before you depart the University community.

But in between all that, you have a little part to play: If it is only one click that made your web designing/blogging struggle a success, teach the one who needs it. If you’re a writer, help a fellow writer, if you’re a graphics designer, help a fellow. Everyone are hustling in their own ways, help each other hustles and once they make it, they won’t forget the one who helped them grow unless they are ingrates. And if they are, you wouldn’t be looking up to them anyways. So, it’s their loss and conscience will feed on their soul and maybe – carcass later on in life. Even if it is an ordinary BC that you will help in sending round, all these small things count a lot – little did we know. And when the time comes, when they need someone with your qualifications, the ones you’ve helped will always take a quick dash through their phone-books and put a call to you. We all saw the tweet of a guy who recently got 3plots of Land from someone he paid his graduating fee years back in the University.
Doesn’t that ring a bell?

On a final note, help anyone you can with a sincere heart, be humble, selfless, loyal and supportive. Put God first in everything you do. Remember, it doesn’t end in the four walls of this University.

Questions, comments, suggestions and recommendations will be appreciated! 

SHEHU, Abdus-Salam Aladodo
[email protected]

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