April 14, 2024

Firstly, What is liver cancer?

Liver is very integral part of our body. The main function of liver as we all know is to convert nutrients, absorbed by digestive system, into ready to use chemicals. Liver also removed toxins, certain chemicals and other waste products from blood and make them ready to be excreted . All blood of body passes via liver.

The most common type of liver cancer is called Hepatocellular carcinoma also known as HCC. This cancer starts within the cells of liver known as hepatocytes.
Other types of liver cancers are called secondary cancers or metastatic cancers because these cancers start in some parts of body and then spreads to liver and affect it later.

What led To Liver Cancer?
Below are the main causes of liver cancer:
1. Persons with liver defects by birth (hereditary traits)
2. Liver infections caused by hepatitis B, also C or excessive iron in liver cells.
3. Cirrhosis Disease
4. Excessive Body Weight
5. Fatty Liver Disease .
6. Certain Chemicals like Arsenic and vinyl chloride
7. Smoking
8. Excessive Alcohol Usage.

Common Symptoms Of Liver Cancer :
1. Most patients didn’t see any symptoms in early stages of liver cancer caused by hepatitis .They usually appear later when it is worsen. The common symptoms seen in most of the liver cancer patients are:
2. Pain in upper abdominal area
3. Vomiting and Nausea
4. Swelling of abdomen
5. Increased weight loss
6. Decreased appetite
7. Stools become white and chalky
7. Skin and Eyes becomes yellow .

How Can You Diagnose Liver cancer?
The following tests are conducted to diagnose the liver cancer and its severity.
1. Various blood tests determine any longer abnormalities
2. Imaging tests including CT scan, ultrasound and MRI.
3. Biopsy: In this test some tissues are take from liver and are examined under microscope.

Treatments Of liver cancer at any stage.

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