July 19, 2024
By Honey pen

As Yoruba use to say “when the light comes the darkness will disappear” honey pen .

Osun Central senatorial district is not a baby in Osun politics as it has the largest votes among other districts, it vividly and unfolds that the central zone decides the general election, and gubernatorial election in the state of Osun, that’s why Osun Central zone is the giant of Osun state.

Without gain saying the developments of Osun central zone is incomparable to other district zone, that’s why it’s the light of Osun state shadows.

Dr Oluranti Adekunle DOA has set to turn the dream to reality in Osun Central senatorial district zone.

DOA is a man of integrity with great passion for Infrastructure, education, agriculture and youths empowerments which is incomparable to others that wish to have a chair at the upper chamber.

DOA? Yes, DOA is the best of all, and distinct from others, his vision and mission is to transform the central by giving hope to the hopeless, privilege to less priviledged, and securing future of our youths by empowering them, and also, to encourage women and men of old age including widows in the central zone.

Dr Oluranti Adekunle DOA, is a dynamic, unbeatable in vision and an ardent progressive character with good charisma and integrity.

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