April 14, 2024

“If a rose smells better than cabbage, it does not means that the rose can make a better stew.” Wisdom Palace.

According to Chinua Achebe in his book titled “Channelling am Igbo wisdom of course.” He stated their and I quote “a man who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body. ”
In this wise, let me firstly salute the courage and confidence of ever reasonable people in each local government throughout Osun state for their response, likes, comments and support towards having a unified and well coordinated campaign group for a well deserve person,  Olugboyega Alabi BOA is highly commendable.

We must say the future is very clear and bright by having a designated consoler, a good, trusted and capacity builder with good relation attributes as the next Governor of the state of Osun. We say a big thank you for the response we got from you. It is now clear that the journey is not too far with all of us as a team.

We can be rest assure that Osun state will continue to be great under the watch of BENEDICT OLUGBOYEGA ALABI BOA by the grace of Almighty God.

Beside, it is not unusual these days to see men and women both young and old, literate and illiterate preaching one kind of movement or the other in an attempt to make you support a governorship aspirant of their own. A lot of attractive words have been pour in to your ears even with money spending for you just to win your souls for their aspirant. Though, it is normal for them to do that but like I said earlier in the beginning of this write-up, I stated that ‘a rose can smell better than cabbage, but it doesn’t means that the rose can make a better stew.’

Therefore, let’s stop deceiving ourselves with some fading shadows.

Osun state at this point does not need a super human being as a leader. We need a leader who can identify with the poor and govern with the fear of God.

We need a leader who will govern from the people and not from shadow.
We need a leader who will simplify governance and enforce truly pro people, pro good governance agenda.

We need a leader that will take the state from political setup to business concern.
We need a leader that will embrace administrative government and not political government. We need a leader that will embrace open door policy in information gathering and decision making.

Without gainsaying, all these aforesaid are encapsulated in the vision of a homeboy, a person of Benedict Olugboyega Alabi BOA, and he served and he will continue to serve because he is a productive person of strong character and integrity.

Meanwhile, BOA ambition is not just to gain a fame for himself or to embezzle public funds, but his ambition is to redirects the governance of the state from political structure to business entity.

BOA ambition is not a fading shadow or negotiation tactician, but his ambition is for human resources development and people reorientation in a balanced manner.

BOA ambition is not just to build a political structure for himself, but his ambition is to upgrade some various farmers empowerment programmes from self-substance farming to Agricultural ventures. Just to mention but few.

Conclusively, people’s well being is determined by their choice and quality of their decision making. So I enjoin everyone to take a wise decision that will be our pride and that will grant the bright future for our incoming generation in the state of Osun.

Thomas Jefferson said and I quote “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”
Here we can see a caution against romanticization of the past to the detriment of dreaming a bright future.

So therefore, I urge you all to make a wise decision by supporting and embracing the wind of a new dawn to blow in the state of Osun.

The two alternative now is either:

1, Do nothing and keep praying and fasting or
2, Join hands to uplift our beloved state.


Support Atayese Benedict Olugboyega Alabi, BOA for GOVERNOR STATE OF OSUN2018 and Beyond.

By Wisdom Prince

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