May 22, 2024


The leadership of our great party is faced with herculean task of conducting primary election to elect the flag bearer of the party in the gubernatorial election come 2018.

We have a host of array of contestants in this election, the party should be guided by the principle of equity, fairness and level playing ground for the contestants.

The party should get good feelers from the party members , as well as feelers from general public because, the electorates will eventually decide the winner of the general election.

We need to get it right, there should not be any manipulation, for this will cost us a great damage in the general election, we should avoid this because we have everything going for us as we are on the same page to win September 22 governorship election.

APC is a party to beat because we are the incumbent and above all we have something to show and tell the electorates.

The infrastructures which Aregbesola Government has put in place is unprecedented in Osun state even the blind can see it, Never mind the opposition, because they have nothing to show for their period in Government but they have to say something.

Our great party under the leadership of the governor has set up a template and compass for development in the state.We must get the primary election right.We can not afford to fail.

Dr Oluranti Adekunle is an APC member and Senatorial aspirant for Osun Central senatorial district.

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