April 17, 2024

President Muhammadu Buhari has rejected the demand for the establishment of state police in the country, instead approving the recruitment of 6,000 policemen to “improve the capacity” of the force.

Buhari disclosed this in an interview with Voice of America.

Most governors in the country have expressed support for the establishment of state police as a measure to address the nation’s security challenges.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) restructuring committee also recommended it.

But Buhari described state police as more financial burden for states, asking “how many states can pay salaries promptly”.

“We must carefully look at the position of the nation’s constitution on the issue of state police before we take final decision on the matter if the constitution allows state police, so be it,” he said.

“But don’t forget that many times the federal government gave out what we referred to as bail out to state governments for payment of workers’ salaries. How many states can pay salary promptly? And you want to add more financial burden to the states?

“It is not proper to employ a person, train him on how to handle weapons and then refuse to pay him – you can imagine what would happen in such situation. We will put in place more measures to check insecurity in the country including increasing the number of policemen and train them.

“I have approved the recruitment of 6,000 policemen by the police authorities and I directed that those recruited must come from all the 776 local government areas of the federation. Even if it means recruiting one person each from the 776 they should do that instead of going to motor parks, railway stations or market for the recruitment exercise. I gave them (the police) them this directive.”


Source: TheCable

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