July 19, 2024

The lady whose underwear was removed in the viral picture that has spread to be a “pastor” purportedly asking his church members to remove their underwear for anointing has revealed that the pictures were taken from a location of a movie titled “Pastor Blinks”.

The Ghanaian actress identified as Piesie Asamoah Gifty took to Facebook to share the update. Read below;

It a movie not a church as some people are saying, pls stop spreading false news Am an actress and it my work to give a practical education to the world Actress maame fante once told me acting is also in a form of spreading the word of God Basically,acting is just the practical aspect of evangelism..

Who knows?some church secretly might be going through if not same a similar situation And I strongly believe that every Christian who is having a similar experience, after watching the movie will come back to her/his senses. Instead of spreading false news to the world let help share the truth to save.

The movie is already on the market go grab a copy thank you Movie title “Pastor Blinks” Production name”Phens Multimedia” Role in the movie: church secretary Picture below is some of the behind the scenes of vs 3&4 of “pastor blinks”.

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