April 17, 2024

School days are seen by some as the best
Even as they suffer in school with no rest
Others perceive it as the worst
It may be due to the great cost

School days are said to be the epitome of wisdom
Despite the fact that most students have no freedom
No wonder some see it as an embodiment of foolishness
As some students were put backward due to selflessness

School days can never be forgotten
Just as one won’t allow his teeth get rotten
Especially those occurrence that won’t leave the memory
Even without setting up a jamboree

How wish there’s nothing like examination
There would have been no intimidation
Though most students will have time to enjoy jambalaya
Even if it will take them to get flayer

However, examination isn’t the best way to test knowledge
I wish they got this message in our college
Because those who really have knowledge are deprive of good grade
While those without knowledge, but with connection take over the parade

This is a vital reason why our educational system has fallen
As most lecturers and students are cunning
Do we still call these people our teachers?
Even when it is obvious that they are cheaters

May God help us rebuild our school
And give us leaders that won’t take us for fool
Who can refer to the wife as a mere cook
Imagine after reading a lot of book


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