July 19, 2024

The publisher of Sahara Reporters and 2019 Presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowore on Friday said he and former Lagos state governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu came into limelight at a time and if they were in the military, he would have been a superior to Tinubu.

Sowore said this while answering questions and answers at #TakeItBack talk in Toronto.6

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Question: We learnt that you are linked to TINUBU and that he is the largest funder of your medium Sahara Reporterstim

Sowore: I have been linked to all sort of people in the Past. But about Tinubu, I would make some things clear. Tinubu and myself shot into limelight almost the same time, while Tinubu was a Senator in Lagos, I was the same time President of the University of Lagos Student’s Union. As Student Activists we were Powerful than Politicians. When the Elections were nullified, most of them went into hiding, while as Student Activists we led the charge on the streets against heavily armed Military. They later went abroad and formed NADECO, but we never ran away despite been detained, beaten and constantly brutalised, it was the coalition of some section of Labour, Civil society and Student Activist that forced the Military to eventually hand over power. So if we were both in the army in the 90’s in the June 12 struggle, I would be a General and Tinubu might not even be a Colonel. I met him only once in 1999 during campaigns with Obanikoro walking together with him wearing Sandals. And one of the stories we did at Sahara Reporters that skyrocketed during our early days was to expose that Tinubu was a convicted Drug dealer back in Chicago many years ago, so the issue of Tinubu sponsorship is a dead as those who started the rumour. For years, I have challenged anyone who has contrary evidence to publicly challenge me.

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