April 14, 2024
Jare Tiamiyu holding pledge card

In a resounding declaration of solidarity and commitment, Jare Tiamiyu, the Osun State Media Practitioners Chairman and CEO of Insight Media, the largest online news agency in the state, has officially endorsed the eagerly anticipated 3.0 edition of the Osun Youth Conference & Award in 2024.

Jare Tiamiyu, a prominent figure in the media landscape, has not only extended his personal support but has consistently championed the cause of the Osun Youth Conference through the robust platform of Insight Media. His openness and official endorsement signify a deep belief in the transformative impact of the conference on the youth of Osun State.

As the Osun State Media Practitioners Chairman, Jare Tiamiyu understands the pivotal role of media in shaping narratives and fostering positive change. His endorsement goes beyond symbolic support; it is a tangible commitment to amplifying the voices and achievements of the youth through the influential channels of Insight Media.

Jare Tiamiyu’s history of consistent support for the Osun Youth Conference underscores his dedication to initiatives that empower and celebrate the youth. His media house has served as a vital conduit for disseminating information about the conference, ensuring that the voices and stories of the youth reach a wider audience.

With the 3.0 edition on the horizon, Jare Tiamiyu’s endorsement injects a new wave of enthusiasm and optimism. It magnifies the conference’s reach and impact, inviting a broader spectrum of stakeholders to actively engage in the empowerment and celebration of the youth in Osun State.

In conclusion, Jare Tiamiyu’s unwavering support for the Osun Youth Conference & Award 3.0 is not just an endorsement; it is a beacon of inspiration. It calls on media practitioners, youth advocates, and the public to unite in fostering an environment where the youth can flourish. The stage is set for a conference that promises not only to be successful but also to be a powerful catalyst for positive change in the lives of Osun State’s youth.

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