April 15, 2024

The rift between the two started as a result of political differences around the 2023 general elections.Seyi Law warns Noble Igwe to stay away from him for setting his wife up to be insulted[Thehonestbunchpodcast]

The comedian recently appeared as a guest on The Honest Bunch Podcast where he stressed that forgiveness was far from his mind when it came to Igwe. He stated that the rift started as a result of political differences around the 2023 general elections.

He said, “I will never forgive him until he apologises to my wife because during the elections he made a post and added my wife’s name. And then somebody under the comments called my wife an ‘osu’, which means outcast.”

Outraged, the comic announced that if an apology had not been issued by the next time they crossed paths, he has plans to beat the blogger.

“So if Noble Igwe is watching this I want him to know, the day our paths cross ehn. Because our paths have not crossed since that time, if by mistake the hem of his garment touches my body, I will beat Noble Igwe to the extent that the world would ask what he did wrong,” the comedian warned.

Seyi Law concluded by saying, “That is where I draw the line, you can offend me in any way and even abuse me and step on my head. But you see the moment you cross my line and talk about my family, my wife or children, you cross the line into hell. So, Noble Igwe, if you’re watching or if anyone sends you this video, just know that I am sitting and waiting patiently for you in hell.”

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