April 15, 2024

The Osun mastermind has demanded accountability from the Osun state government over the palliative of two billion naira received from the federal government to cushion the effects of the fuel subsidy.

According to the executive director of the organisation, Prof Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli,

during the February edition of the State of the State address in Osogbo, on Tuesday,there has been no account of what the money has been used for .

“We continue to ask the Osun State Government however, include how has the Osun State Government utilized the two billion Naira it received? Stubbornly insisting on adding the sum to its 100 billion Naira Infrastructure plan is diversion of fund and it is as criminal as it is in inhuman ” he stated.


Insight media recalled that as in November 2023 the federal government gave each State in the Country two billion Naira (2,000,000,000) from the Federal Government to provide palliatives for their citizens in order to cushion the effects of subsidy which also included thousands of bags of rice and maize, to be distributed to their citizens.

“The allocation from the Federal Government what is it used for and what are the steps the State Government are taking in order to reduce the hardship the people are facing considering the increase in the cost of living”,he asked.

Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli, also reiterated that the Commissioner of Agriculture should be able to devise means to curb food scarcity in the State.

The Executive director also addressed the issue of the closed courts in the state after two weeks since the Governor announced that the State Government had reached a compromise with JUSUN, the Courts in Osun remain closed.

He urged the state government to open the court so as to allow this critical arm of government perform its functions.

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In addition, concerns were raised about the reduction in the size of the Civil Service, following the implementation of the Oronsaye report aimed at cutting government expenses.

While supporting the need to make the Civil Service more efficient,the Osun Masterminds called for a broader reduction in government expenditure, including merging ministries, reducing political appointees, and decreasing financial rewards for political office holders.

Empahsis were also placed on the deteriorating economic conditions in Nigeria, particularly the impact of high inflation and rising costs of goods on citizens.

The group highlighted the need for the Federal Government to take decisive actions to stabilize the economy”To arrest the skyrocketing price of commodities, the Federal Government must make temporary and permanent plans that may include importation of food in the short term and massive investment in local food production, as a long-term measure.”


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