June 21, 2024


His Excellency

The President

Federal Republic of Nigeria

State House


Your Excellency,

Call your Aide Senator Ita Enang to Order, he is causing disunity in Akwa Ibom State with hate speech

I am a clergyman who believe in the peaceful co- existence of people, as well as an advocate of good governance, and choosing to support the government of the day, than attacking it. Because when the people show supports to the government, it gives the government the strength to carry on and deliver more dividends of democracy to the people.

Mr. President Sir, I am writing this letter first of all to thank you for appointing Senator Ita Enang, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State into your government, as your special adviser on National Assembly matters

That position by all standard should make us rejoice as a people and State, but as I write, so many people in Akwa Ibom State are wishing he was never appointed, because he is using that position to cause problems, disunity in the state, than bringing people together. To me Senator Ita Enang’s position, is a wasted slot to the people of the state.

Mr. President ,sometimes I asked myself if Senator Ita Enang even has the time to negotiate with the national Assembly, and give you the necessary advise you required to have a smooth working experience with the National Assembly, because it is either he is phoning in on planet FM radio or is live at the station in Uyo, to talk about the state budget ,or dropping one hate speech about the government of Udom Emmanuel or the other.

Recently Sir, Ita Enang was on planet FM radio, where he is spending so much money to sponsor a program call ” Team Nigeria” to rain insult on Governor Udom Emmanuel, by calling him a DISASTER. Sir this is the height of it. Who is more a disaster to Akwa Ibom state right now than Ita Enang? Sir, it might interest you to know that even within your party ( APC) he is destroying it everyday, by turning people against each other.

There is so much hatred in the mind of Ita Enang, because you traveled with our dear Governor to AU-EU summit, that is why you should be very careful with his likes, who are always ready to destroy than to build. If Governor Udom was anything near disaster, you would not have taken him with you.

While you were abroad on your medical treatment Sir, your Vice was in Akwa Ibom State to commission some life touching projects initiated by the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel, which included the Metering company in Onna, the Syringe factory, the remodel Etinan general hospital and others which are being captured in your ‘MID TERM REPORT’. In his remark, Prof Osibanjo told the crowd of people that came out to witness the occasion of the project commissioning, that Governor Udom was a clever Governor.

This statement was made by a Professor, a lawyer, a former commissioner of Justice in Lagos, one who had been in government himself and knows the workings of the government, meaning he came and witnessed the industrial revolution that has taken over Akwa Ibom State since Governor Udom assumed office, as the Governor. But your aide is trying to destroy the image of the state to outsiders, by spreading lies about the government, to create unnecessary tension.

Sir, ask your aide Senator Ita Enang what he has been able to do for the people of Akwa Ibom State, for the number years he has been in the Senate and with you as an adviser, that people will have the grounds to say that your government is working. Because some of the negative comments people have been making about you and your government ,is because of Ita Enang.

Mr. President before I go further, I want to tell you that the workers in Akwa Ibom have been paid their December salary, not with paper but money. That is what Ita Enang will never tell you. There are several ongoing projects of the government, like road construction, payments of pensions, gratuities, which is done in batches, and it is from the money the state is collecting.

I know it is the duty of every citizen to hold the government and officials accountable on their policies, on how it is affecting the people, but what Senator Ita Enang is doing is not opposition, but real hatred for the government of Governor Udom Emmanuel. I still pity those that take Ita Enang serious, because he one man that you can’t hold him by his word.

Sir, call Ita Enang to order because he can not go to the radio station and call a sitting Governor a ‘thief ‘, who is stealing the money of the state, except he is blind to the fact that Education is still free in Akwa Ibom State, workers are collecting their salaries regularly. Ita Enang to me is a very confused person, and should not try to bring down the reputation of the state, by his unguided hate speeches.

Sir, I wish you could come to Akwa Ibom and see things for yourself, because Ita Enang is fighting the government for his own selfish interest and not that of the people. The same government he is attacking today was the one he had earlier supported, because he wanted to return to the senate, but when that did not work out, he turned against his aspirations and later the government till now.

When I remember that Senator Ita Enang did not work or supported your emergence as President, but supported former President Jonathan, but is now working with you as an adviser, it makes me see politics again as a dirty game, because they are so many people within your party that are still not happy for your choice of Ita Enang as an adviser, especially those who had worked day and night to help bring you onboard as the President.

Mr. President, it is a very shameful thing that your party in Akwa Ibom state could not win a single local government seat in the just concluded local government election, even after bringing down the National chairman and other dignitaries for the flag off, because the likes of Ita Enang who the people are seeing as a disaster, is speaking for the party.

Your excellency, I don’t know what Ita Enang must have told you concerning the local government election, why he lost even at his unit and ward, but asked first, if he was at his polling unit to vote, because he is a very greedy and self-centered person. Sir, I hear rumours making around that you may seek to run for President in 2019, but certainly Ita Enang is one of the people that can not mobilize anybody for you. His negative attitude towards the development of the state is making people avoid him.
Mr. President call him to order.

Long live Akwa Ibom State

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Rev’d Richard Peters
An advocate of good governance writes in from Eket,
Akwa Ibom State

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