June 21, 2024

Arsenal will be helping their broke former defender Emmanuel Eboue following the revelation of his poor conditions.

The 34-year-old recently revealed he almost killed himself following a bitter divorce that left him with nothing.

Eboue was last week reported to be sleeping on his friend’s floor, washing his clothes by hand and hiding from bailiffs.

Emmanuel Eboue will be getting help from his former club.

An Arsenal spokesman told the Daily Mail: “We are all so sorry to hear the reports about Manu’s recent difficulties and will explore whether we can help in any way.”

Eboue played for Arsenal for seven years before joining Turkish giants Galatasaray in 2011.

He represented the Ivory Coast 79 times, scoring three goals in his international career and playing at the World Cup.

The Ivorian is currently broke after a bitter divorce battle with wife Aurelie stripped him of all of his assets.

The former Arsenal ace has been offered a job at former club Galatasary to become part of the coaching staff of one of their youth teams.

Eboue has revealed the plight of Prince Harry and his footballer friend Steve Gohouri who killed himself inspired him to fight his ongoing battle with depression.

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