July 19, 2024

An Akwa Ibom fearless preacher, Reverend Richard Peters has been urged to call fire from heaven to burn all the political liars and mischief makers in Akwa Ibom state.

This call was made by one of his (Rev’d Peters’) supporters and commentators, Barrister Mfon Peters.

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“Politics and religion or indeed Christianity has but a very thin line demarcating them. I have said this before but let me say it, may the day never come when men of God, priests and prophets shall abandon political leadership for the ungodly! Let priests, prophets and other men of God continue to speak out and speak up against impunity, abuse of human rights, primitive accumulation of our commonwealth by the ruling class especially in Nigeria of today where official corruption, leadership inflicted poverty, institutional failure has become endemic. Priests like *REVEREND RICHARD PETERS*, if they want God to continue to honour them and keep the oil alive, must continuously come against political evil in high places by warning our leaders and sometimes calling fire from heaven like Elijah to burn all political powers of darkness that is ravaging our land through human agents in Akwa Ibom State who have failed to see anything good about God’s ordained Leadership of Deacon Udom Emmanuel. A country where mere cows are ‘faring better’ than Nigerians needs more pastors, priests, prophets, men of God to speak out and even seek political offices when necessary. This is biblical in the history of religion of Isreal. Any Man of God who is afraid of tantrums, diatribes, physical and spiritual attacks and for that reason chickens out from making heavy spiritual pronouncements against political predators and conspirators is not worth his salt and the wrath of God shall in due time be kindled against such priests, prophets, pastors and or man of God!”

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