June 20, 2024

To me, this is closely knitted to the rhetoric that has flown through the answers to the preceding questions. Show me a servant that is a leader and I will show you a visionary and a father of his people. Show me a leader that is a servant and I’ll simply show you a sham.
For Nigeria specifically, transformative leadership is the future of our nation. Leadership that is powered first by uniting the people, then by listening to the people; Leadership that where the motto is public interest over personal interest; Leadership that is borne out of a genuine love for your people to give them a collective and effective representation at every level that will translate into a community that works for everyone. That is my philosophy.
I believe that as long as people who understand this sit on the sidelines then the Nigeria i dream of will remain in my dreams. But if we rise up together and take the bull by the horns, we would be unstoppable. This is why I have decided that the next stage of my legacy is to become one of the faces in this revolution that will place Nigeria, moving forward, in the hands of the younger generation; people who want a Nigeria that is self-sufficient, a Nigeria that works. I want to be the inspiration to young people like me, who has what it takes to lead and are ready to apply their heart and minds towards the development of their communities. I also want to be the hope of the millions of Nigerian youths who will come out to participate in the electoral process, with the assurance that their voices count. I want to be a face that counts in the New Nigeria.
Therefore let us rise with one voice and one mind to support this dream, let’s make this ambition a reality, every sentiment and propaganda should be put aside, for me to be the son of a senator doesn’t mean I have no right to contest and win any elective position, my aspiration and adoption by my people is not an imposition but the choice of the majority.
My fellow youths should refused to be tempted to insulting the elders, taking laws into their hands and selling their conscience for a peanut, I have plans for Nsit Ubium State Constituency and I pray that trust my people have for me will never be in vain.

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