April 19, 2024

Non Governmental Organizations, End Violence against Human and Children, has rounded off her 16 days Activitism Campaign on Saturday, 10 of December, 2022 at Nigeria Union of Journalist Secretariat, Osogbo.

The Coordinator of the Campaign and Human Right Activist, Citizen Lola Wey of Eco Center of Transformation and Empowerment Initiative, urged parents to give equal opportunities for boys and girls for them to contribute equally to the Nation Development as December 10 is dedicated to created awareness of Gender-Based Violence, especially violence against Women and Girls in our society.

Lola Wey added that the roles women played in the house is not part of the Gross Domestic Profit (GDS) that is counted.

“30 percentage of Nigeria Women are not educated neither do they have skills, by this they are not contributing to the economic growth of the society” She said.

She speaks on the challenges Victim and Survival of Violence face when getting justice in Osun State.

“Getting Justice is like a cow passing through the eye of a needle because most parents back out because of the obstacles”.

“Most Security Agencies does not know about the Violence Against Person prohibition laws that has been signed into law in October, 2021 by the immediate past Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola”.

“The laws that has been operative since last year to ensure Survival and Victim get justice, it has not been achieved till date” she said.

She added Girls should be given the opportunity to maximize their potential in academics, to contribute to the Nation Development and Economic growth.

“As we teach a girl child to sit up, we should all tell a boy child to zip up, because when they zip up nobody will defiled our girl child” she said.

The Director General of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation, Mr Abdulrosheed Folarami, appreciated the Initiative for the Campaign.

He urged the organizer to campaign indecent dressings to prevent rape as rape is one of the violence against Women.

Mr Folarami encouraged the society not to discriminated Girl child and parent should educated the girl child same as they educated the boy child.

Mr Jare Timaiyu a Media personnel and Executive Director of Insight Initiative for Community and social Development, one of the partnering organization, explained the roles media are playing concerning Violence against Women.

“Media are playing a vital roles on Violence against Women as partners, to ensure the public are given the necessary information” he said.

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