April 15, 2024

Ademola Adeleke, the Governor of Osun State has revealed why he issued six executive orders in his first week as Governor of the State.

Adeleke made this known while speaking at a thanksgiving service at Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim, Oke Gada, Ede, on Sunday, he also recalled the travails he passed through in his path to governorship, citing the conspiracies and the resolute campaign of calumny from within and outside the party.

Olawale Rasheed, the Spokesperson to the Governor noted that Adeleke explained that the orders were meant to dismantle illegalities and “clean up the mess” he stated.

The statement further read in parts, “We passed through tough days before we reached here. I can’t but constantly praise God, my brother, my sister, my political associates, my friends and the great people of Osun state”.

“The man I defeated set many traps for my administration but we are removing all the evil structures they put in place”.

“I have used the first one week to take charge and set the tone for good governance. From the new week, I will continue the great work. We are shaking up the system ; we are unveiling and commencing implementation of our agenda.

“I thank the people of Osun for their love and show of huge backing. I reassure them that all my actions will continue to be in the best interest of the state.

“All what I have done and will still do are to serve the people, meet their aspirations, and restore good governance in Osun State.”

“That massive support accounted for my hitting the ground running a week ago. That was why I issued those executive orders to dismantle all illegalities and clean up the mess I inherited.

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