April 19, 2024

Chief Bode George of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has claimed that All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Bola Tinubu is not a native of Lagos State.

On Tuesday, December 13, 2022, George said this on Arise TV’s Morning Show, where he talked Tinubu’s candidacy.

Tinubu, he claims, has failed to deliver any evidence to back up his assertion that he is from Lagos.

“Tinubu is not from Lagos State,” he stated. You may cite me. Which school did you attend if he says he grew up in Isale-Eko? I grew up on Lagos’ Evans Street. My grandfather lived at 35 Evans Street. I attended a community school. I used to play football at the local stadium in Isale-Eko. That’s how people knew me.”

On the crisis rocking the PDP, the party chieftain said the crisis would not be resolved until the party’s hierarchy “gives unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”

He added that the North-Central, which currently holds the position of the national chairman, had predominantly occupied the position since the PDP was established almost 25 years ago.

“It is not a solution that cannot be handled. All we are saying is give what belongs to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Give us what belongs to us. Turn by Turn Nigeria Limited. Take for example, what I am angry about is this, the first chairman was late Papa Solomon from North-Central. The second chairman, North-Central. The third chairman, Audu Ogbe, North-Central.

Regarding the PDP crisis, the party’s chieftain stated that it would not be resolved until the party’s hierarchy “gives unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”

He went on to say that the North-Central region, which presently holds the position of national chairman, has dominated the position since the PDP was founded nearly 25 years ago.

“It is not an impossible solution. All we are saying is give Caesar what he deserves. Give us what we are owed. Nigeria Turn by Turn Limited Take, for example, the first chairman, late Papa Solomon of North-Central. North Central is the second chairman. North-third Central’s chairman is Audu Ogbe.The fourth chairman, my oga, Dr Amadu Ali, North-Central; Baraje, from Kwara, was also North-Central. Now you have Ayu, also North-Central”, he said.

Since the party’s founding nearly 25 years ago, the South-West has never held this position. What do we do wrong? You must unite all the tribes and people if you want to govern this nation, as you claim to do. That is the main issue, and until it is fixed, I won’t support our own candidate.

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