June 23, 2024

In order to have a generation where they are conscious of their intellectual capabilities and produce renowned scholars, Kindawaz College of Advanced studies orientated students about academics, purpose, relationship and also presented Admission letters to students to study A level courses in thier Institution.

At the College Center on Friday, in Osogbo, the Director of the College, Akindele Oladele said the purpose of the orientation was to enlighten the students about the true meaning of education.

He said, “the purpose of the College was to orientate the students, and as such the College is holding an orientation programme today, to let this young ones know that Education is not been literate, you can be literate but not educated, you can be a graduate but not educated, so we have to let them them know the meaning of education in all aspects”.

“The School will not only teach you academically but also groom you in all spheres of life”, he added.

Speaking on the presentation of Admission letters, he said the center was giving the students opportunities to acquire knowledge and also see themselves as scholars who are willing to achieve success in life.

Speaking about purpose, Wuraola Oluwadarasimi, who is also a student at the school, disclosed that lots of youths have derailed from their purpose because of peer pressure and worldly distractions. He urged the students and also youths to let go of external distractions and concentrate more on their studies, to be a great leader of tomorrow.

Mr Fayemi, while speaking on the effects of peer influence, he said “there’s a positive effect of peer influence, when you have role models that influence your life positively.

He urged the students to find role models that will impact their lives positively to make them better versions of themselves.Speaking with Insight Media, The students who were given admission letters, appreciated the school for the opportunities given to them and promise to take their studies with Zeal and become postive role models to the ones that are coming.

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