June 23, 2024

In January 2023, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government proposed a controversial plan to reform the country’s judicial system. The move was met with widespread criticism, with opponents claiming that it was an attempt to weaken the judiciary and help Netanyahu avoid his corruption trial.

Protests erupted across the country, with thousands taking to the streets to voice their opposition. The demonstrations became a weekly occurrence and intensified as the government continued to push ahead with the proposed changes.

On Sunday, Netanyahu fired the country’s defense minister, who had publicly opposed the judicial overhaul plan. Several other ministers have threatened to leave the governing coalition if Netanyahu doesn’t halt the reform, leading to fears that the government could collapse less than three months into its term.

The crisis has highlighted deep divisions within Israeli society and raised concerns about the future of the country’s democracy. As the situation continues to develop, many are watching closely to see how it will be resolved.


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