June 23, 2024


The English Championship table leaders, Burnley, are under investigation by the EFL for fielding weakened players in their encounter with Reading weeks after they were declared promoted to the EPL.

The fixture played on the 42nd match day, saw the Clarets make six changes to their side which spawned into a goalless draw at Reading’s home ground, Select Car Leasing Stadium.

The changes made by Vincent Kompany provoked investigations by the league organisation, because of the use of fringe players.

According to the Eurosport news, the EFL wrote to Burnley explaining their penalty with a possible point deduction or a fine if they are found guilty.

Kompany played up a normal side but fell to the hands of relegation candidates Queen Park Rangers 2-1 at Turf Morr.

Speaking after the match against QPR, Kompany said: “I think the first half was, you have to score in the first half one if not more.

“I could see signs today of a team that for the first time is in a position where they have to win titles.

“Second half started and I had a feeling, I said it on the bench straight away I know this feeling,

“I’ve been there before and when guys are trying to make stuff up and are changing or deviating from what they’ve done so well in the season and when you start making stuff up you put yourself in a position where you basically you’re chasing

“You’re chasing the title, or you’re chasing the moment and it’s the opposite of what you have to do.”

Burnley are looking well as possible victors of the Championship title, ten points away from second place Sheffield United.

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