May 24, 2024

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the President-elect, has urged Nigerians to reject divisive tendencies and prioritize national unity and cohesion.

Tinubu emphasized that ethnic and religious sentiments pose a threat to warm relationships in his Easter message, which he personally signed and shared with newsmen in Abuja, and urged Nigerians to recommit themselves to edifying and patriotic pursuits for the nation’s interest.

The statement partly reads: “As we celebrate, let us not forget our obligation as God’s children to love our neighbor, regardless of tongue, faith, or tribe,

“We will make faster progress towards the achievement of the peaceful, united, strong, progressive, and prosperous country we all desire if we eschew divisive, parochial, ethnic and religious sentiments and rivalries, and begin to live more harmoniously with our compatriots.”

Tinubu acknowledged the significance of Easter for Christians worldwide, commemorating Jesus Christ’s life of service and supreme sacrifice for the salvation of humanity.

However, he urged Nigerians to embrace the spirit of Renewed Hope and Redemption that Easter represents, symbolizing the triumph of hope over despair, love over hate, and optimism over cynicism.

He concluded with his best wishes to Christians in Nigeria and worldwide, wishing them a happy Easter celebration.

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