February 28, 2024

Tolani Shobajo, also known as Tolanibaj, former contestant on the popular reality show Big Brother Naija, has opened up about why she wouldn’t want to marry another entertainer.

Tolanibaj took to Twitter to share her perspective, stating that having a child with a celebrity would be an exhausting job due to the pressure and jealousy that would come with it. She emphasised that she values her emotional well-being and wants to protect herself from potential toxicity in the future.

She wrote, “Having a baby with an entertainer must constantly be draining. I recognize that I’m a jealous lover, so let’s save ourselves from future toxicity.”

Recently, Tolani Baj claimed that Twitter trolls who labelled her ugly are “unhappy people”.

She said, “I wouldn’t say it were blogs that even called me ugly. It’s the trolls na, people on Twitter that I have grown to understand that they are just unhappy people.

“I’m the Queen of getting dragged! They will drag me, the next day what will happen? A brand is calling me the next day that they want to sign me. And I’m not even trying o. I’m just a star! When I got out of Big Brother house, the [trolls’] comments used to get to me. But now I don’t even read comments anymore because these are the same people that will see me and beg me to take pictures.

“You will see me and you will shake no matter the rubbish you tweet about me on Twitter. When you see T Baj in person, you will shake. You will want a picture, you will want an autograph. And I need stackers, I know what I’m saying.

She added, “So, when I see tweets like these, I just understand that they are unhappy or they are envious, or they are probably having a bad day or a bad week and they are looking for someone to pour that anger on.”

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