April 19, 2024

French President Emmanuel Macron has defended his recent comments about Taiwan, stating that France should not get involved in the escalation between the US and China. His comments have faced criticism from both sides of the Atlantic. However, during a visit to the Netherlands, Macron stood by his statement, saying that being a US ally did not mean being a “vassal.” He also emphasized that France supports the One China policy and the search for a peaceful resolution to the situation.

Some analysts say that Macron’s comments imply that the US is to blame as much as China for the rising tensions over Taiwan, making it harder for the EU to take a harder line with Beijing. Meanwhile, China has praised Macron’s remarks, and the White House has played down the comments, saying that the US and France share a “terrific bilateral relationship.” Taiwan’s foreign ministry has taken a similar stance but expressed its “note” of the comments.

Taiwan sees itself as distinct from the Chinese mainland, with its own constitution and democratically elected leaders. Beijing views Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually be under its control and has never renounced the use of force as a means to do this.

Source: BBC

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