June 23, 2024
A beneficiary being attended to by a medical professional

Who Health Organization sets aside April 7th as World Health Day. To commemorate this in Osun State, Value Reorientation For Community Enhancement, VARCE, organised a free medical awareness and checkup for the people at the grassroots.

The free test which include; HIV/AIDS, Genotype, Vital Signs, Hepatitis B, Urinalysis, Blood Sugar Level, among others were conducted at the NGO’s office in Osogbo on Friday. No fewer than 100 persons benefitted from the project.

Ademola Adebisi, the Executive Director of VARCE, disclosed that the purpose of the event was to create awareness for residents of the State on the need to check their health status.

“We prepared to reach out to as many as people in the community who need to check their health status. This, we believe, will help increase their awareness and improve their standard of living,” he said.

Adebisi also called on tertiary institutions to increase their admission slots for medical courses in a bid to increase medical professionals in the country.

Speaking on sustainability plan,  VARCE boss said his organization has made plans to ensure that their officers attend to medical needs of all and sundry at all times.

Speaking with one of the nurses, Rukayat Adebisi, said the health orientation program consisted of various test and health education for people to be aware of their health status. She explained the importance to the beneficiaries.

“This will help them to know what should how their health status is and if they should go for further treatment, and also to pay closer attention to their health. Everything done here are being handled by professionals”, she reiterated.

In an interview with Insight Media, some of the beneficiaries expressed thier gratitude to the Organisation for the health awareness programme, emphasising that programme has enabled them access to test “at no cost”.


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