June 19, 2024

Newly released FBI documents have uncovered a shocking assassination plot against Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to the US in 1983. The files reveal that the FBI had received a tip from an Irish pub frequented by a police officer in San Francisco. The man claimed he sought revenge for his daughter’s death in Northern Ireland and planned to harm the Queen either by dropping an object off the Golden Gate Bridge onto the Royal Yacht Britannia or by targeting her during a visit to Yosemite National Park.

The Secret Service, responsible for the Queen’s safety, had planned to close the walkways on the Golden Gate Bridge as a precautionary measure. Although the specific measures taken during the Yosemite visit remain unclear, the Queen proceeded with her plans. The released documents shed light on the FBI’s ongoing vigilance regarding threats to the late Queen, especially during a time of heightened tensions in Northern Ireland.

These revelations highlight the constant security concerns surrounding the British Monarchy, particularly in relation to the IRA during the Troubles. The late Queen’s second cousin, Lord Mountbatten, was killed in an IRA bombing in 1979, adding to the perceived threat. The FBI maintained its vigilance and warned of potential threats during subsequent visits, such as a trip to Kentucky in 1989 and a state visit in 1991, where protests were anticipated at a baseball game.

While the recently released documents provide valuable insights, the FBI has suggested that there may be additional records beyond the ones made public. The cache of files serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to protect the British Monarchy during periods of political unrest and demonstrates the importance of maintaining security protocols for world leaders during international visits.

Source: BBC

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