June 21, 2024

A talent manager and event planner, Sarah Oluwafunmilayo, aka Babyluv, who currently works with controversial artiste, Portable, has said that managing the latter is not as difficult as many imagine it would be.

Recalling how she started working with him, she said, “I started managing Portable when he came to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Before then, I had been getting shows for him though. When he came to Dubai then, he wanted to shot a video, and I linked him up with one of the directors I know. I went on set with him, and handled many things for him. When I was doing all that, he liked how I worked. He had manger, but he felt the way I worked was different from what he was used to. He wanted something different, and that was how I started working with him.”

On what it takes to manage an artiste as controversial as Portable, Babyluv said, “It was not difficult at any point, because I had been in the industry for a long time, and I’ve managed many artistes over the years.”

The showbiz personality, who has worked with artistes such as 9ice and Joeboy, also noted that though there was a lot of promiscuity in the industry, she always stood out from the crowd.

She said, “The music industry is a wayward one. People are usually skeptical about marrying entertainers because of things such as baby mama issues, infidelity and drug abuse. Everybody is practically sleeping with everybody. I did not even know I was going to marry an entertainer but I have always been guided. You can barely hear anything about me in the industry with guys, because I did not go down that route. I have always been very careful from time.”

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