June 23, 2024

The judge in the Dani Alves case has once again rejected the player’s request to be released.

It was on Tuesday when she denied the request of the Brazilian’s defense, who argued that the sexual relations were consensual between him and the young woman who reported him for an alleged rape at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

Because of this latest decision by the judge, it seems unlikely that Alves will be released from prison and his time in jail will be extended even further.

However, the ex-player’s lawyer, Cristobal Martell, could present a new appeal to the Barcelona Court of Appeal.

It should be remembered that the Brazilian has been in Brians 2 prison since 20 January, when the judge determined that “there is more than enough evidence” to show that Dani Alves had raped the young woman that night.

It is not the first time that Dani Alves’ appeal for release has been rejected.

It is not the first time that the judge has rejected such a request from the former Juventus full-back.

It previously came on 21 February in a first appeal by Dani Alves’ team of lawyers seeking his immediate release from prison.

The Barcelona High Court, though, elected to uphold the judge’s decision.

Later, Alves asked for it again with a second plea that he made before the judge on a voluntary basis.

They made a statement denying that he was a flight risk as he has evidence to be declared innocent.

His defense argued that Alves had personal, economic and social roots in Barcelona, but the judge rejected it again because of the flight risk posed by Alves’ personal wealth.

The fact that there is no extradition treaty with Brazil was also a major factor in the judge’s decision.

Finally, the decision of the Barcelona Court of Appeal to allow the young woman who filed the complaint to be examined by a psychologist chosen by the Brazilian’s defense has been announced.

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