June 23, 2024


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Your Excellency,
Senator Jackson
Ademola Adeleke
The Executive Governor
Osun State.

Your Excellency,


I Hon. Sola Oni JP, Pioneer member of Osun State House of Assembly and the first PDP State Secretary of Osun State, congratulate your Excellency as our State Executive Governor and State Party (PDP) leader and glorify God of mercy for giving you, Osun State chapter of People’s Democratic Party and the good people of Osun State a resounding victory at the supreme Court on Tuesday, may 9.

The supreme Court judgement has truly given credit to the fact that Nigeria judiciary has come to stay.

It’s important to congratulate Osun State workers specially as their days of toiling and endless yarning for better life were rewarded by supreme Court judgement.

The late Adolf Hitler of Germany omitted the fact when he blamed members of responsible circle in Great Brittain for the Second World War, whereas it was Hitler who caused the Second World War by attacking Poland for no justifiable reason.

The former State Governor, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola also omitted the fact in his article of surrender for choosing to ignore apologising to our State workers for subjecting them to stagnation and lack.

By the special grace of God the painful years and low level of living standard have been ended in Osun State by the governorship of Senator Ademola Adeleke. It’s a glorious that your Excellency has been able to build on the legacy of your late father Senator Ayoola Adeleke, the Balogun of Ede, whose term of office as acting Secretary General for Nigeria Labor Congress ( NLC) ensured full payment of salaries and allowances for Nigeria workers.

Whatever qualified United kingdom, United States of America, Russia, Germany and France in terms of international Arsenal and world Political claims for the permanent Membership of UN Security Council qualify Senator Ademola Adeleke more for the governorship of Osun State. As it was Senator Ayoola Adeleke in company of Senator Kola Balogun and other Osun leaders, who presented the Memorandum for the creation of Osun State to the then acting Governor of Oyo State, Chief S M Afolabi the Asiwaju of Iree land while the State Governor Chief Bola Ige was on leave.

As a State legislator, I shared State governance with the first Executive Governor of Osun State, Late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, and I make bold to State categorically that all the Osun institutions, boards and parasastal as at 1993 December were all created and legislated upon during the regime of Late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke the Executive Governor of Osun State.

We must commend the good people of Osun State and Nigeria in general for not failing to appreciate the necessity of sacrifice in time, money, risk bearing and mental resources which the Adeleke dynasty have sacrificed for the creation Osun State, workers Welfare, Constitutional and economic development in Nigeria as evident in the voting pattern of July 16, 2022 governorship election in Osun State.

Just as in ‘we have found a new land’ a poem written by Kofi Awonor of Ghana, We people of Osun State have also found a new land in the governorship of Osun State Senator Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke.

We are also confident in your immense capacity to deal with the State matters and provide State wide instrument of development of traceable in fundamental human right of United Nations.

Thank God that you also have a Deputy Governor whose devotion to duty and act of faithfulness are acknowledged by PDP National Leaders.

Please be informed sir that this congratulatory open letter has its reference in a letter of understanding and commitment written by President Kenneth Kaunda as published in his autobiography tittle ‘Zambia shall be free”

Congratulations my Excellency, so far so good. “Konibaje”

Yours Faithfully,

Sola Oni, JP

Cc : The State Chairman

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